Cold Stone Prices with Calories (April 2024)

Cold Stone Menu Prices and Calories

Cold Stone Creamery is a global Ice Cream parlor chain that began operating in 1988. Cold Stone menu includes their famous blend of premium Ice Cream customized according to the customer’s choice. Other notable options include their Signature Creations known as Founder’s Favorite, Strawberry Blonde, OREO Overload, Cheesecake Fanstasy, Coffee Lovers only, German chokolate kake, Birthday Cake remix just to name a few. They’ve also included other menu catagories such as Shakes, Smoothies, Signature Cakes, Ice Cream Cupcakes and Hot Stone. The Hot Stone is a mixture of warm and cold dessert and includes options like Hot for Cookie, Churro Caramel Crave, Caramel Apple Shortcake, No Fair Funnel Cake, Strawberry Shortcake and many more. Similar menu items can also be found at Baskin Robbins, Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s, Sweet Frog and Cinnabon. Cold Stone Calories are on the higher end of the spectrum and need to be considered in order to maintain a balanced diet. Prices are averaged estimates and vary between different locations. Scroll below to find the Latest Cold Stone Prices.


Create Your Own

Like ItSmallVaries$5.19
Love ItRegularVaries$5.66
Gotta Have ItLargeVaries$6.13
1st Mix In$0.00
Additional Mix-Ins$0.90
Waffle Cone/Bowl160Cal$1.19
Dipped Waffle Cone/Bowl310Cal$1.90

Signature Creations
Add a Waffle Cone/Bowl: $1.19

Birthday Cake RemixSmall550Cal$6.13
Birthday Cake RemixRegular760Cal$6.60
Birthday Cake RemixLarge1050Cal$7.08
Founder's FavoriteSmall570Cal$6.13
Founder's FavoriteRegular760Cal$6.60
Founder's FavoriteLarge1050Cal$7.08
Chocolate DevotionSmall480Cal$6.13
Chocolate DevotionRegular670Cal$6.60
Chocolate DevotionLarge1000Cal$7.08
Peanut Butter Cup PerfectionSmall610Cal$6.13
Peanut Butter Cup PerfectionRegular860Cal$6.60
Peanut Butter Cup PerfectionLarge1150Cal$7.08
Our Strawberry BlondeSmall480Cal$6.13
Our Strawberry BlondeRegular670Cal$6.60
Our Strawberry BlondeLarge980Cal$7.08
Mint Mint Chocolate ChipSmall580Cal$6.13
Mint Mint Chocolate ChipRegular780Cal$6.60
Mint Mint Chocolate ChipLarge1080Cal$7.08
OREO OverloadSmall520Cal$6.13
OREO OverloadRegular710Cal$6.60
OREO OverloadLarge1070Cal$7.08
All Lovin' No OvenSmall600Cal$6.13
All Lovin' No OvenRegular850Cal$6.60
All Lovin' No OvenLarge1120Cal$7.08
Apple Pie A La Cold StoneSmall480Cal$6.13
Apple Pie A La Cold StoneRegular670Cal$6.60
Apple Pie A La Cold StoneLarge1000Cal$7.08
Banana Caramel CrunchSmall450Cal$6.13
Banana Caramel CrunchRegular690Cal$6.60
Banana Caramel CrunchLarge1000Cal$7.08
Berry Berry Berry GoodSmall360Cal$6.13
Berry Berry Berry GoodRegular550Cal$6.60
Berry Berry Berry GoodLarge800Cal$7.08
Cheesecake FanstasySmall400Cal$6.13
Cheesecake FanstasyRegular610Cal$6.60
Cheesecake FanstasyLarge860Cal$7.08
Coffee Lover's OnlySmall460Cal$6.13
Coffee Lover's OnlyRegular730Cal$6.60
Coffee Lover's OnlyLarge1000Cal$7.08
Cookie Doughn't Want SomeSmall640Cal$6.13
Cookie Doughn't Want SomeRegular830Cal$6.60
Cookie Doughn't Want SomeLarge1170Cal$7.08
Cookie MintsterSmall470Cal$6.13
Cookie MintsterRegular720Cal$6.60
Cookie MintsterLarge1070Cal$7.08
German chokolate kakeSmall550Cal$6.13
German chokolate kakeRegular760Cal$6.60
German chokolate kakeLarge1050Cal$7.08
Mud Pie MojoSmall670Cal$6.13
Mud Pie MojoRegular860Cal$6.60
Mud Pie MojoLarge1240Cal$7.08
Strawberry Banana RendevousSmall490Cal$6.13
Strawberry Banana RendevousRegular780Cal$6.60
Strawberry Banana RendevousLarge1040Cal$7.08
That's How I RollSmall450Cal$6.13
That's How I RollRegular720Cal$6.60
That's How I RollLarge990Cal$7.08
The Pie Who Loved Me Small470Cal$6.13
The Pie Who Loved Me Regular750Cal$6.60
The Pie Who Loved Me Large1050Cal$7.08

Hot Stone
Warm & Delicious Desserts

Hot for Cookie730Cal$6.52
No Fair Funnel Cake740Cal$6.52
Chocolate Lava Meltdown730Cal$6.52
Churro Caramel Crave700Cal$6.52
Brownie A La Cold Stone810Cal$6.52
Caramel Apple Shortcake810Cal$6.52
Apple Dumpling1050Cal$6.52
Strawberry Shortcake 650Cal$6.52

Additional Mix-Ins: $0.90

Cake Batter n' ShakeSmall780Cal$5.66
Cake Batter n' ShakeRegular1320Cal$6.60
Cake Batter n' ShakeSmall760Cal$5.66
Cake Batter n' ShakeRegular1250Cal$6.60
Milk and OREO CookiesSmall760Cal$5.66
Milk and OREO CookiesRegular1300Cal$6.60
Oh Fudge!Small820Cal$5.66
Oh Fudge!Regular1360Cal$6.60
Savory StrawberrySmall670Cal$5.66
Savory StrawberryRegular1130Cal$6.60
Very VanillaSmall750Cal$5.66
Very VanillaRegular1210Cal$6.60


Blueberry BananaSmall230Cal$5.66
Blueberry BananaRegular430Cal$6.60
Mango PineappleSmall250Cal$5.66
Mango PineappleRegular520 Cal$6.60
Mango StrawberrySmall330Cal$5.66
Mango StrawberryRegular520Cal$6.60
Pineapple BlueberrySmall210Cal$5.66
Pineapple BlueberryRegular380Cal$6.60
Strawberry BananaSmall240Cal$5.66
Strawberry BananaRegular440Cal$6.60
Strawberry RaspberrySmall210Cal$5.66
Strawberry RaspberryRegular390Cal$6.60

Signature Cakes
Calories shown for 1 Slice

A Cheesecake Named DesireSmall390Cal$29.99
A Cheesecake Named DesireLarge400Cal$39.99
Cake Batter ConfettiSmall420Cal$29.99
Cake Batter ConfettiLarge410Cal$39.99
Chocolate ChipperSmall430Cal$29.99
Chocolate ChipperLarge440Cal$39.99
Coffeehouse CrunchSmall520Cal$29.99
Coffeehouse CrunchLarge500Cal$39.99
Cookie Dough DeliriumSmall430Cal$29.99
Cookie Dough DeliriumLarge430Cal$39.99
Cookies & CreamerySmall410Cal$29.99
Cookies & CreameryLarge410Cal$39.99
Dark Peppermint PleasureSmall480Cal$29.99
Dark Peppermint PleasureLarge450Cal$39.99
Midnight DelightSmall430Cal$29.99
Midnight DelightLarge450Cal$39.99
Mmmmmmint ChipSmall390Cal$29.99
Mmmmmmint ChipLarge390Cal$39.99
Peanut Butter PlaygroundSmall510Cal$29.99
Peanut Butter PlaygroundLarge500Cal$39.99
Strawberry PassionSmall390Cal$29.99
Strawberry PassionLarge400Cal$39.99
Birthday CakeSmall330Cal$29.99
Birthday CakeLarge320Cal$39.99
Birthday Cake - RectangleSmall330Cal$49.99
Birthday Cake - RectangleLarge290Cal$80.99

Ice Cream Cupcakes
Calories shown for 1 Cupcake

Double Chocolate Devotion6pc360Cal$14.99
Cake Batter Delux6pc380Cal$14.99
Sweet Cream6pc390Cal$14.99

Cold Stone Prices

Cold Stone Creamery
“Birthday Cakes Cupcakes Bakery”

Known For?

Mainly known for their customized Ice Cream variations and other unique products such as Hot Stone, Signature Creations, Smoothies, Shakes, Signature Cakes and Ice Cream Cupcakes.

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