Jersey Mike’s Subs Prices with Calories (June 2022)

Jersey Mike’s Subs Menu Prices and Calories

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a sub chain that began operating in 1956 and currently has over 1,000 locations. Jersey Mikes menu includes a variety of Sub sandwiches including The American Classic, The Super Sub, Famous Roast Beef & Provolone, Tuna Fish, The Original Italian, Club Supreme, Jersey Mike’s Famous Philly, Big Kahuna Cheese Steak, Chipotle Chicken Cheese Steak and many more. Similar menu items can also be found at Subway, Potbelly Sandwich Shop and Jimmy Johns. Jersey Mikes Calories are on the higher end of the spectrum and need to be considered in order to maintain a balanced diet. Prices are averaged estimates and vary between different locations. Scroll below to find the Latest Jersey Mikes Prices.


Fresh Sliced Cold Subs
Make any sub a Salad for the same price – Calories: 250-650

Jersey Shore's FavoriteMini390Cal$4.95
Jersey Shore's FavoriteRegular570Cal$5.95
Jersey Shore's FavoriteGiant1150Cal$11.95
The American ClassicMini405Cal$4.95
The American ClassicRegular560Cal$5.95
The American ClassicGiant1020Cal$11.95
The VeggieMini475Cal$4.95
The VeggieRegular720Cal$5.95
The VeggieGiant1325Cal$11.95
The Super SubMini425Cal$5.25
The Super SubRegular580Cal$6.95
The Super SubGiant1060Cal$12.95
Turkey Breast & ProvoloneMini395Cal$5.25
Turkey Breast & ProvoloneRegular540Cal$6.95
Turkey Breast & ProvoloneGiant1020Cal$12.95
Tuna FishMini620Cal$5.25
Tuna FishRegular910Cal$6.95
Tuna FishGiant1685Cal$12.95
Famous Roast Beef & ProvoloneMini500Cal$5.55
Famous Roast Beef & ProvoloneRegular720Cal$7.95
Famous Roast Beef & ProvoloneGiant1340Cal$13.95
The Original ItalianMini495Cal$5.55
The Original ItalianRegular680Cal$7.95
The Original ItalianGiant1275Cal$13.95
Club SubMini575Cal$5.55
Club SubRegular890Cal$7.95
Club SubGiant1575Cal$13.95
Club SupremeMini615Cal$5.55
Club SupremeRegular935Cal$7.95
Club SupremeGiant1705Cal$13.95

Fresh Grilled Hot Subs Cheese Steaks
Make any sub a Salad for the same price – Calories: 250-650

Jersey Mike's Famous PhillyRegular640Cal$7.45
Jersey Mike's Famous PhillyGiant1265Cal$12.95
Chipotle Cheese SteakRegular965Cal$7.45
Chipotle Cheese SteakGiant1830Cal$12.95
Meatball and CheeseRegular850Cal$7.45
Meatball and CheeseGiant1645Cal$12.95
Chicken ParmRegular700Cal$7.45
Chicken ParmGiant1340Cal$12.95
Grilled Pastrami ReubenRegular695Cal$7.45
Grilled Pastrami ReubenGiant1450Cal$12.95
Big Kahuna Cheese SteakRegular695Cal$7.95
Big Kahuna Cheese SteakGiant1390Cal$13.95

Chicken Cheese Steaks

Chicken Philly Cheese SteakRegular700Cal$7.45
Chicken Philly Cheese SteakGiant1385Cal$12.95
Chipotle Chicken Cheese SteakRegular985Cal$7.45
Chipotle Chicken Cheese SteakGiant1950Cal$12.95
California Chicken Cheese SteakRegular910Cal$7.45
California Chicken Cheese SteakGiant1815Cal$12.95
Big Kahuna Chicken Cheese SteakRegular755Cal$7.95
Big Kahuna Chicken Cheese SteakGiant1510Cal$13.95
Buffalo Chicken Cheese SteakRegular800Cal$7.95
Buffalo Chicken Cheese SteakGiant1585Cal$13.95
Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheese SteakRegular890Cal$7.95
Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheese SteakGiant1770Cal$13.95

Make any Sub into a Wrap for the same price as a Regular Sub

Chicken Caesar WrapRegular580Cal$7.45
Buffalo Chicken WrapRegular740Cal$7.45
Baja Chicken WrapRegular610Cal$7.45
Grilled Veggie WrapRegular910Cal$7.45
Turkey WrapRegular540Cal$7.45

Kid’s Meals

Kid's Size Sub + Drink + Cookie400-600Cal$4.45

Chips and Drinks

Add a Chips & Drink (22oz)22ozVaries$2.59
Add a Chips & Drink (32oz)32ozVaries$2.99
Fountain Drinks22oz0-360Cal$1.99
Fountain Drinks32oz0-520Cal$2.29
Bottled DrinksVaries$1.89

Jersey Mikes Prices

Jersey Mikes’ Subs
“Mike’s Way”

Known For?

Jersey Mikes menu includes a variety of Northeast American style Sub sandwiches including The American Classic, The Super Sub, Famous Roast Beef & Provolone, Tuna Fish, The Original Italian, Club Supreme, Jersey Mike’s Famous Philly, Big Kahuna Cheese Steak, Chipotle Chicken Cheese Steak and many more.


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  1. Leo 8 months ago

    love your subs!

  2. Rian 8 months ago

    The prices are higher when you order, the Italian Giant is 13.95 on your app when you look online and when you order its 17.95 big difference.

    • Terri 2 months ago

      I complained about this as well. I was told each store has their own set of charges

  3. Kenneth Doman 8 months ago

    What are on the sub’s mentioned above, it would help to know.

  4. Dan 8 months ago

    Do you make salads?

  5. Bud 1 year ago

    Sure wished you guys made regular pastrami sandwiches

  6. Gwendolyn L Basinger 1 year ago

    Looking forward to trying out your subs.

  7. helen boyle 2 years ago

    Looking forward to picking up some subs there!

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