Popeyes Menu Prices with Calories (July 2024)

Popeyes Menu Prices & Calories 2024

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a global fast-food chain that began operating in 1972 and currently has over 2,000 locations. Scroll below to find the latest Popeyes menu prices along with Popeyes nutrition.

Latest Popeyes Menu
| Chicken SandwichesSignature ChickenHandcrafted TendersNuggetsSeafoodFamily MealsSidesBeveragesDessertsKids Meals$5 Bonafide Big Box |

Popeyes menu introduces its famous fried Signature Bonafide Chicken seasoned with Mild and Spicy flavors. After enough public pressure, the Popeyes menu now includes their famous Popeyes chicken sandwich. They also introduced menu items such as Handcrafted Chicken Tenders, Cajun fish, and much more! Also available are Chick-Fil-A’s prices, KFC’s prices, Wendy’s prices & McDonald’s prices, and they sell similar menu items.


Chicken Sandwiches

Dinner = Side & Biscuit. Combo = Side, Biscuit & Drink

Medium Combo Upgrade for $0.20

Large Combo Upgrade for $0.40

Classic Chicken Sandwich699Cal$3.99
Classic Chicken Sandwich - DinnerVaries$7.17
Classic Chicken Sandwich - ComboVaries$8.69
Spicy Classic Chicken Sandwich700Cal$3.99
Spicy Classic Chicken Sandwich - DinnerVaries$7.17
Spicy Classic Chicken Sandwich - ComboVaries$8.69

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Signature Chicken

Dinner = Side & Biscuit. Combo = Side, Biscuit & Drink

Medium Combo Upgrade for $0.20

Large Combo Upgrade for $0.40

2pcs Chicken - DinnerVaries$7.39
2pcs Chicken - ComboVaries$8.69
3pcs Chicken - DinnerVaries$8.69
3pcs Chicken - ComboVaries$9.68
4pcs Chicken - DinnerVaries$9.89
4pcs Chicken - Combo1685Cal$10.89
8pcs Chicken Family Meal3692Cal$22.89
12pcs Chicken Family Meal5940Cal$34.19
16pcs Chicken Family Meal8188Cal$42.19
Whole Wing210Cal

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Handcrafted Tenders

Dinner = Side & Biscuit. Combo = Side, Biscuit & Drink

Medium Combo Upgrade for $0.20

Large Combo Upgrade for $0.40

3 Tenders Meal - DinnerVaries$7.09
3 Tenders Meal - ComboVaries$8.79
5 Tenders Meal - DinnerVaries$9.59
5 Tenders Meal - ComboVaries$11.29
8 Tenders Family MealVaries$22.69
12 Tenders Family MealVaries$33.79
16 Tenders Family MealVaries$41.59

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Dinner = Side & Biscuit. Combo = Side, Biscuit & Drink

Medium Combo Upgrade for $0.30

Large Combo Upgrade for $0.60

8pc Nuggets381Cal$3.99
8pc Nuggets - DinnerVaries$6.49
8pc Nuggets - ComboVaries$7.99
12pc Nuggets572Cal$5.79
12pc Nuggets - DinnerVaries$7.29
12pc Nuggets - ComboVaries$8.79
24pc Nuggets1144Cal$10.99
36pc Nuggets1716Cal$15.99
48pc Nuggets2288Cal$19.99


Dinner = Side & Biscuit. Combo = Side, Biscuit & Drink

Medium Combo Upgrade for $0.20

Large Combo Upgrade for $0.40

1/4 lb Popcorn Shrimp - DinnerVaries$8.19
1/4 lb Popcorn Shrimp - ComboVaries$9.89
Cajun Flounder Sandwich670Cal$4.49
Cajun Flounder Sandwich - ComboVaries$7.29
Butterfly Shrimp Tackle BoxVaries$5.00
Butterfly Shrimp Surf & Turf Tackle BoxVaries$5.00

Family Meals

4 Sandwich Family FeastVaries$21.89
Big Family FeastVaries$39.99
Bigger Family FeastVaries$60.00
Sandwiches N More PackVaries$25.00
8pc Chicken Family MealVaries$22.89
12pc Chicken Family MealVaries$34.19
16pc Chicken Family MealVaries$42.19
8 Tenders Family MealVaries$22.69
12 Tenders Family MealVaries$33.79
16 Tenders Family MealVaries$41.59


A la Carte Biscuit207Cal$0.99
Cajun FriesRegular268Cal$3.19
Cajun FriesLarge804Cal$4.99
Red Beans & RiceRegular247Cal$3.19
Red Beans & RiceLarge610Cal$4.99
Mashed Potatoes with GravyRegular110Cal$3.19
Mashed Potatoes with GravyLarge330Cal$4.99


Soft Drinks (22oz)SmallVaries$2.29
Soft Drinks (30oz)MediumVaries$2.49
Soft Drinks (40oz)LargeVaries$2.69
Cane Sweeeet Iced Tea Gallon1050Cal$4.99
Unsweetened Iced Tea Gallon0Cal$4.99
Chilled Premium Lemonade300Cal$2.89
Frozen Premium Lemonade430Cal$2.89
Chilled Strawberry Lemonade370Cal$2.59
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade500Cal$2.89


Cinnamon Apple Pie236Cal$1.99
3pc Chocolate Beignets366Cal$2.29
6pc Chocolate Beignets732Cal$4.49
12pc Chocolate Beignets1464Cal$8.69
Strawberry Cheesecake Cup318Cal$2.49

Kids Meals

Includes Kids Side, Kids Drink, Sauce & Toy

4pc Nuggets Kids Meal396Cal$4.29
6pc Nuggets Kids Meal492Cal$5.09

$5 Bonafide Big Box

Includes 2 Regular Sides and 1 Biscuit

Promotional Items - Limited Availability

Add 2 Pieces Mixed Chicken OR 3 TendersVaries$5.00
Popeyes calories are on the higher end of the spectrum and need to be considered to maintain a balanced diet. Prices are averaged estimates and may slightly vary between different locations.

Popeyes Prices

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
“Love that chicken”

Known For?

Known for Fried Chicken seasoned with Mild and Spicy flavors. They’ve also been known for their Cajun style menu items such as Cajun Fish, Cajun Rice and Mashed Potatoes with Cajun style Gravy. Recently they’ve also added Cane Sweetened Iced Tea.


2,000+ Stores


  1. Slim From Nola 504 11 months ago

    Went to the drive-thru at a Popeyes in Destrehan Louisiana and one ordered one mild breast and the cashier said $3.65 I drove around and said if that’s the price for 1 mild breast you can cancel that order

  2. Gary Seuberth 1 year ago

    The Popeyes in Rancho Cordova (Calif) is terrible! 3 times been there and 3 times wrong order. Plus prices are much higher than menu prices. And the window guy growls at you!!! The restaurant in Sacramento is pretty good. Always get order right and food is hot and prices right!! No more Rancho bull!

  3. E. Buyna 1 year ago

    We have been trying to use our gift cards for a year and a half now, first in TN. Then in VA. And now in PA.
    Have 3 gift cards that will not work, even if you order online. New location says it will be a couple of weeks.
    What a pathetic way to do business. Called customer service and they are just as bad. Received reply from email saying they appreciate business they ate working on it. What business? Hopefully this will be straightened out by 2026, so we can use these cards. We will NEVER buy from Popeye again and will tell everyone we come in contact with, DO NOT GO THERE. CEO’s better wake up.

  4. JOE PELTIER 2 years ago

    Never been to a Popeys but was thinking about going as the sandwich on TV looks scrumptious but reading these reviews we have decided to stick with KFC.

  5. Kenneth Towle 2 years ago

    I was just charged $18.18 for a 24 piece nugget in La Porte Indiana. Last week it was $11.75. Talk about a rip-off. I will never go there again.

  6. Larry 2 years ago

    Gosh. All these negative comments-certainly, not the case at my Henderson, NV store on Stephanie. Drive-through staff is fast and always courteous. Chicken is delicious and I always enjoy eating there.

  7. Cindi 2 years ago

    I will no longer go to Popeyes. At the Palm Bay Road, Fl store, we ordered the family meal of 12 pieces of chicken and two sides. The drive thru menu displayed the price as $34.99. When we got to the window we were charged $40.65. The receipt shows $35.99 for the meal, $1.00 for mashed potatoes, $1.00 for cole slaw. And $2.66 for tax. I don’t understand the 3 extra dollar charge. Why are they charging a dollar extra for the meal and a dollar extra, separately for each side? Are they pocketing the money? We will now drive out of our way and buy KFC from now on, or just go get wings at Winn Dixie or Publix. I feel Popeyes is dishonest.

  8. Semperfi 3 years ago

    McClenny, Fl Popeyes charged today me $8.01
    for a NON- Combo meal consisting of 3 children wings.
    Pitiful service and gouging the consumer with ridiculously high price.
    Another example of Let’s Go Brandon WOK government.

  9. Zoya Leigh 3 years ago

    My local Popeyes in Columbus, Ohio has really started to slip over the last 3 years. Not enough staff and lines are lo-o-ng! This should tell the management that they need more people working. The prices are on the high end for fast food, so they should care about what the customer is experiencing when they order. We recently went through the take out line with a large family order (just 5 people) and were told to pull over and wait. When 20 minutes went by, we went in to check on our order and they COULDN’T FIND IT!! And, why was the cajun rice discontinued??! It was one of the better sides. The macaroni and cheese, by the way, is really horrible.

  10. Raul 3 years ago

    Was charged $15 + 1.5( tax ) = 16.5 total for 4 pieces of chicken …no side no drink only 4 pieces of chicken. I asked the lady at counter if the price was right , she said she is not the one who decides prices. This was first time to try Popeyes. I doubt i am going there again.

  11. Malik Mclavrin 3 years ago

    I have to communicate Yes

  12. Nancy Hicks 3 years ago

    Went to Popeyes in Monroe, GA. yesterday. I ordered a combo was charged extra for my drink when I asked the server he said a drink did not come with the combo. They are ripping people off.

  13. Joe Kopish 3 years ago

    I check the menu on line, 5 pc. tender dinner sounds good. It says $8.29. (HECK THE MENU ABOVE) I drive to the nearest popeyes their menu at the drive up says $10.49 for that dinner. I decide to order it anyway. I order it and the gal says “that will be $12.49”. I wait to question her about the prices when I get to the window. She says that that item is $10.99 and I made your drink a medium. I told her that’s not what I ordered. I managed to get out of there for $11.76. What a crock of sh#t. The fries sucked and they gave me the wrong sauce. NICE PLACE……NOT.

  14. Bob 3 years ago

    Went to the Popeyes in Huntsville Texas and was informed that they have never offered any fish meals or fish sandwiches. People were unconcerned when I told them I had looked on line to see menu. Never asked if I wanted anything else that was available.

  15. robin 3 years ago

    At popeyes on May 15th, 2021, it was a shambles. My order was not accurate. I request 2 piece white mild dinner combo & got a 5 piece chicken tenders. Many take out orders were coming in and complaining. Not only was my order wrong it took longer than usual to get it. I brought my friend to Popeyes for her first visit. She usually gets her fried chicken from Chinese store. Well, after she paid, her order was never placed. This is ridiculous. I’m already going out of my way to enjoy my Popeyes, the chicken just wasn’t crispy & delicious. Sorry to have spend my time and money. Popeyes you let me down! My craving was not satisfied. 😞

  16. Lyn 3 years ago

    Will Popeyes please offer the shrimp with the classic batter instead of only Cajun shrimp? Plz

  17. Nathan white 3 years ago

    The servers ALWAYS hand you your change so that most of it falls on the ground and you drive off so as not to delay the line

  18. Brenda 3 years ago

    CEO & upper management need to pay attention. You’re sitting on a gold mine. You have to invest in your front line employees! Happy employees make a happy business. Treat them right and pay them good wages and you can have long term employees. You have good food but your people cannot keep it going when they are so understaffed, stressed, under paid and under appreciated. Get out in the restaurants yourselves and work to see what is going on. You’ve got to do something or you’re going to lose it all because of unprofessionalism. Leaders must lead by serving. Please don’t kill this iconic restaurant.

  19. Steve 4 years ago

    1 window 10-12 cars in line, not doing it

  20. Rhonda 4 years ago

    Winston Salem NC has $3.99 on there sign..

  21. John Evans 4 years ago

    I was charged $ 4.69 for the classic chicken sandwich yesterday at store # 12013, 3501 Buttermilk Rd, Cottondale, Al. When I questioned the server, he said that was the price for that sandwich. However, when I said the McFarland Blvd charge for the same sandwich was as advertised on TV, he said that’s what it cost… so was I CHEATED by paying $ 4.69 ??

  22. Jonie Coriell 4 years ago

    I have been checking out some of your articles and i can state pretty clever stuff. I will surely bookmark your blog.

  23. Lemuel V. Sneed 4 years ago

    The popeye’s in my town is horrible and most of the staff and even some of the mgr’s are often rude. On a couple of visits they didn’t even have one piece of chicken . They had run out on a tuesday of all days. No wonder they only have 1 1/2 stars !!! Hint Hint

  24. m 4 years ago


  25. CAROL MURPHY 4 years ago


  26. PATRICIA 5 years ago


  27. Bert 5 years ago

    My local popeyes have the longest line since the chicken sandwich returned

  28. robert hanley potter 5 years ago


    • Norm Allen 3 years ago

      No clue as to why they stopped selling their best side dish. CAJUN RICE. They “claim” they were listening to their customers and that’s why it was discontinued. But I highly doubt it.

  29. robert hanley potter 5 years ago


  30. robert 6 years ago

    where is the chicken sandwichen on tv for 399

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