Subway Menu Prices and Calories – May 2019

Subway Menu Prices and Calories

Subway Menu Prices and Calories – May 2019
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Subway is a global chain of fast food restaurants that began operating in 1965 and currently has over 44,000 locations. Subway menu is famous for its wide variety of subs however over the years they have also begun adding other items such as wraps, pizza, salad and baked items. Some of their notable mentions include Steak and Cheese Sub, Rotisserie Style Chicken Sub, Veggie Delite, Italian BMT Sub, Meatball Marinara Sub and much more. Similar menu items can also be found at Jimmy Johns, Potbelly Sandwich Shop and Jersey Mike’s Subs. Subway Calories are on the higher end of the spectrum and need to be considered in order to maintain a balanced diet. Prices are averaged estimates and vary between different locations. Scroll below to find the Latest Subway menu prices.


Choose between 6″ and Footlong
Make it a Meal for $2.00 (Includes any Sub + 20oz Drink + Chips)

Rotisserie Style Chicken - 6"350Cal$5.25
Rotisserie Style Chicken - Footlong690Cal$8.75
Carved Turkey - 6"330Cal$5.10
Carved Turkey - Footlong670Cal$8.25
Roast Beef - 6"320Cal$5.25
Roast Beef - Footlong630Cal$8.50
Subway Club - 6"310Cal$4.95
Subway Club - Footlong630Cal$8.25
Oven Roasted Chicken - 6"320Cal$4.50
Oven Roasted Chicken - Footlong640Cal$6.95
Turkey Breast - 6"280Cal$4.65
Turkey Breast - Footlong560Cal$7.25
Black Forest Ham - 6"290Cal$3.95
Black Forest Ham - Footlong570Cal$5.75
Veggie Delite - 6"230Cal$3.95
Veggie Delite - Footlong460Cal$5.75
Chicken Caesar - 6"500Cal$5.25
Chicken Caesar - Footlong1010Cal$8.75
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt - 6"610Cal$5.25
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt - Footlong1210Cal$8.25
Steak & Cheese - 6"380Cal$4.95
Steak & Cheese - Footlong760Cal$8.25
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki - 6"370Cal$4.95
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki - Footlong730Cal$7.95
Italian B.M.T - 6"410Cal$4.50
Italian B.M.T - Footlong810Cal$7.25
Tuna - 6"480Cal$4.65
Tuna - Footlong960Cal$7.25
Cold Cut Combo - 6"360Cal$3.95
Cold Cut Combo - Footlong710Cal$5.95
Meatball Marinara - 6"480Cal$3.95
Meatball Marinara - Footlong970Cal$5.75
Spicy Italian - 6"480Cal$3.95
Spicy Italian - Footlong960Cal$5.75
Make it a Deluxe - 6"25-130Cal$0.75
Make it a Deluxe - Footlong50-260Cal$1.50

Breakfast Sandwiches
Egg or Egg White

Egg & Cheese - 6"380Cal$4.00
Egg & Cheese - Footlong770Cal$6.00
Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese - 6"410Cal$4.00
Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese - Footlong820Cal$6.00
Bacon, Egg & Cheese - 6"460Cal$4.00
Bacon, Egg & Cheese - Footlong930Cal$6.00
Steak, Egg & Cheese - 6"450Cal$4.00
Steak, Egg & Cheese - Footlong900Cal$6.00

Kids Meal
Includes mini sub on 9-grain wheat with apples & low-fat white milk

Black Forest Ham320Cal$4.75
Roast Beef340Cal$4.75
Turkey Breast320Cal$4.75
Veggie Delite290Cal$4.75

Simple $6 Menu
6″ Sub + Drink + Chips

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki$6.00
Italian B.M.T$6.00
Turkey Breast$6.00
Meatball Marinara$6.00
Black Forest Ham$6.00

Make any 6″ Sub a Salad, Add $2.00 to price

Chicken Caesar Chopped Salad520Cal$7.25
Salad Dressings0-220Cal

Personal Pizza
Add Veggies for Free

Additional Toppings$0.75
Extra Cheese720Cal$5.00

Drinks & Sides

Fountain Drinks - 20 oz$1.85
Fountain Drinks - 30 oz
Apple Slices


Bacon - 6"80Cal$0.75
Bacon - Footlong160Cal$1.50
Double Meat - 6"50-260Cal$1.50
Double Meat - Footlong100-520Cal$3.00
Extra Cheese - 6"40-60Cal$0.50
Extra Cheese - Footlong80-120Cal$1.00
Pepperoni - 6"80Cal$0.75
Pepperoni - Footlong160Cal$1.50
Guacamole - 6"70Cal$0.75
Guacamole - Footlong140Cal$1.50

Promotional Items
Subject to Local Availability

2 Footlong Subs after 4pmVaries$12.00
2 Footlong Subs on SundayVaries$12.00

Subway Prices

“Eat Fresh”

Known For?

Known for their variety of subs along with wraps, pizza, salad and baked items. Some of their options include Steak and Cheese Sub, Rotisserie Style Chicken Sub, Veggie Delite, Italian BMT Sub, Meatball Marinara Sub and much more.


44,000+ Stores

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