Starbucks Menu Prices with Calories (July 2024)

Starbucks Menu Prices & Calories 2024


Scroll below to view the latest Starbucks menu prices and calories for their entire menu. Starbucks drinks menu includes a wide variety of Coffee, Espresso, Frappuccino, Tea, Refreshers, and many more. In addition to their beverages, Starbucks has added All Day Breakfast, Lunch, and Anytime Snacks to complement their drinks. Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Dunkin Donuts, Panera Bread and Cinnabon also sell similar menu items.

Latest Starbucks Menu

Extra Small = Short
Small = Tall
Medium = Grande
Large = Venti
Extra Large = Trenta



Freshly Brewed CoffeeShort5Cal$2.15
Freshly Brewed CoffeeTall5Cal$2.25
Freshly Brewed CoffeeGrande5Cal$2.65
Freshly Brewed CoffeeVenti5Cal$2.95
Freshly Brewed Coffee Traveler Pack96oz60Cal$17.95
Caffè MistoShort50Cal$2.85
Caffè MistoTall80Cal$2.95
Caffè MistoGrande110Cal$3.35
Caffè MistoVenti130Cal$3.65

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Espresso Drinks

Caffè AmericanoShort5Cal$2.65
Caffè AmericanoTall10Cal$2.95
Caffè AmericanoGrande15Cal$3.45
Caffè AmericanoVenti20Cal$3.65
Espresso Con PannaSolo30Cal$2.55
Espresso Con PannaDoppio35Cal$2.75
Espresso Con PannaTriple40Cal$3.05
Espresso Con PannaQuad45Cal$3.35
Flat WhiteShort110Cal$4.15
Flat WhiteTall170Cal$4.25
Flat WhiteGrande220Cal$4.75
Flat WhiteVenti290Cal$5.25
Honey Almondmilk Flat WhiteShort80Cal$4.85
Honey Almondmilk Flat WhiteTall120Cal$4.95
Honey Almondmilk Flat WhiteGrande170Cal$5.45
Honey Almondmilk Flat WhiteVenti210Cal$5.95
Caffè LatteShort100Cal$3.35
Caffè LatteTall150Cal$3.45
Caffè LatteGrande190Cal$4.25
Caffè LatteVenti250Cal$4.75
Starbucks Blonde Vanilla LatteShort130Cal$3.85
Starbucks Blonde Vanilla LatteTall200Cal$3.95
Starbucks Blonde Vanilla LatteGrande250Cal$4.75
Starbucks Blonde Vanilla LatteVenti320Cal$5.25
Caramel MacchiatoShort120Cal$4.35
Caramel MacchiatoTall190Cal$4.45
Caramel MacchiatoGrande250Cal$4.95
Caramel MacchiatoVenti310Cal$5.25
Espresso MacchiatoSolo10$2.55
Espresso MacchiatoDoppio15$2.75
Espresso MacchiatoTriple20$3.05
Espresso MacchiatoQuad25$3.35
Caffè MochaShort200Cal$3.95
Caffè MochaTall290Cal$4.15
Caffè MochaGrande370Cal$4.65
Caffè MochaVenti450Cal$4.95
White Chocolate MochaShort230Cal$4.55
White Chocolate MochaTall340Cal$4.65
White Chocolate MochaGrande430Cal$4.95
White Chocolate MochaVenti530Cal$5.45
Pumpkin Spice LatteShort210Cal$4.75
Pumpkin Spice LatteTall310Cal$4.85
Pumpkin Spice LatteGrande390Cal$5.45
Pumpkin Spice LatteVenti470Cal$5.75
Apple Crisp MacchiatoShort140Cal$4.75
Apple Crisp MacchiatoTall220Cal$4.85
Apple Crisp MacchiatoGrande300Cal$5.45
Apple Crisp MacchiatoVenti370Cal$5.75

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Chai Teas

Chai Tea LatteShort120Cal$3.85
Chai Tea LatteTall190Cal$3.95
Chai Tea LatteGrande240Cal$4.65
Chai Tea LatteVenti310Cal$4.95
Chai TeaShort0Cal$2.35
Chai TeaTall0Cal$2.45
Chai TeaGrande0Cal$2.75
Chai TeaVenti0Cal$2.95

Black Teas

Earl Grey TeaShort0Cal$2.35
Earl Grey TeaTall0Cal$2.45
Earl Grey TeaGrande0Cal$2.75
Earl Grey TeaVenti0Cal$2.95
London Fog tea LatteShort90Cal$3.85
London Fog tea LatteTall140Cal$3.95
London Fog tea LatteGrande180Cal$4.65
London Fog tea LatteVenti230Cal$4.95
Royal English Breakfast TeaShort0Cal$2.35
Royal English Breakfast TeaTall0Cal$2.45
Royal English Breakfast TeaGrande0Cal$2.75
Royal English Breakfast TeaVenti0Cal$2.95
Royal English Breakfast Tea LatteShort80Cal$4.15
Royal English Breakfast Tea LatteTall110Cal$4.25
Royal English Breakfast Tea LatteGrande150Cal$4.75
Royal English Breakfast Tea LatteVenti190Cal$4.95

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Green Teas

Emporar's Cloud & MistShort0Cal$2.35
Emporar's Cloud & MistTall0Cal$2.45
Emporar's Cloud & MistGrande0Cal$2.75
Emporar's Cloud & MistVenti0Cal$2.95
Matcha tea LatteShort110Cal$3.85
Matcha tea LatteTall190Cal$3.95
Matcha tea LatteGrande240Cal$4.65
Matcha tea LatteVenti320Cal$4.95
Jade Citrus Mint Brewed TeaShort0Cal$2.35
Jade Citrus Mint Brewed TeaTall0Cal$2.45
Jade Citrus Mint Brewed TeaGrande0Cal$2.75
Jade Citrus Mint Brewed TeaVenti0Cal$2.95
Honey Citrus Mint TeaShort60Cal$2.85
Honey Citrus Mint TeaTall80Cal$2.95
Honey Citrus Mint TeaGrande130Cal$3.45
Honey Citrus Mint TeaVenti150Cal$3.95

Herbal Teas

Mint MajestyShort0Cal$2.35
Mint MajestyTall0Cal$2.45
Mint MajestyGrande0Cal$2.75
Mint MajestyVenti0Cal$2.95
Peach TranqualityShort0Cal$2.35
Peach TranqualityTall0Cal$2.45
Peach TranqualityGrande0Cal$2.75
Peach TranqualityVenti0Cal$2.95


Hot Chocolates

Hot ChocolateShort190Cal$2.85
Hot ChocolateTall280Cal$2.95
Hot ChocolateGrande370Cal$3.45
Hot ChocolateVenti450Cal$3.65
White Hot ChocolateShort240Cal$3.35
White Hot ChocolateTall350Cal$3.45
White Hot ChocolateGrande440Cal$3.95
White Hot ChocolateVenti540Cal$4.15


Caramel Apple SpiceShort220Cal$2.85
Caramel Apple SpiceTall310Cal$2.95
Caramel Apple SpiceGrande380Cal$3.45
Caramel Apple SpiceVenti460Cal$3.65
Steamed Apple JuiceShort120Cal$2.35
Steamed Apple JuiceTall170Cal$2.45
Steamed Apple JuiceGrande220Cal$2.65
Steamed Apple JuiceVenti280Cal$2.95


Steamed MilkKids100Cal$1.95
Steamed MilkShort100Cal$2.35
Steamed MilkTall160Cal$2.45
Steamed MilkGrande200Cal$2.65
Steamed MilkVenti260Cal$2.95
Vanilla CrèmeKids180Cal$1.95
Vanilla CrèmeShort190Cal$2.85
Vanilla CrèmeTall280Cal$2.95
Vanilla CrèmeGrande350Cal$3.45
Vanilla CrèmeVenti430Cal$3.65
Pumpkin Spice CrèmeShort210Cal$4.15
Pumpkin Spice CrèmeTall310Cal$4.25
Pumpkin Spice CrèmeGrande400Cal$4.45
Pumpkin Spice CrèmeVenti480Cal$4.95


Coffee Frappucino

Espresso Frappuccino®Tall140Cal$5.15
Espresso Frappuccino®Grande210Cal$5.55
Espresso Frappuccino®Venti290Cal$5.85
Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino®Tall280Cal$4.45
Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino®Grande400Cal$4.95
Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino®Venti510Cal$5.45
Caramel Frappuccino®Tall260Cal$4.45
Caramel Frappuccino®Grande380Cal$4.95
Caramel Frappuccino®Venti470Cal$5.45
Coffee Frappuccino®Tall160Cal$4.25
Coffee Frappuccino®Grande230Cal$4.75
Coffee Frappuccino®Venti310Cal$5.25
Mocha Frappuccino®Tall250Cal$4.45
Mocha Frappuccino®Grande370Cal$4.95
Mocha Frappuccino®Venti470Cal$5.45
Java Chip Frappuccino®Tall320Cal$4.45
Java Chip Frappuccino®Grande440Cal$4.95
Java Chip Frappuccino®Venti560Cal$5.45
White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino®Tall280Cal$4.45
White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino®Grande420Cal$4.95
White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino®Venti500Cal$5.45
Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino®Tall290Cal$4.95
Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino®Grande410Cal$5.45
Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino®Venti500Cal$5.75
Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino®Tall350Cal$4.95
Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino®Grande480Cal$5.45
Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino®Venti590Cal$5.75
Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino®Tall330Cal$4.95
Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino®Grande470Cal$5.45
Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino®Venti570Cal$5.75
Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino®Tall290Cal$4.95
Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino®Grande420Cal$5.45
Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino®Venti510Cal$5.95
Apple Crisp Frappuccino®Tall320Cal$4.95
Apple Crisp Frappuccino®Grande460Cal$5.45
Apple Crisp Frappuccino®Venti550Cal$5.95

Crème Frappucino

Chocolate Cookie Crumble Crème FrappuccinoTall330Cal$4.95
Chocolate Cookie Crumble Crème FrappuccinoGrande460Cal$5.45
Chocolate Cookie Crumble Crème FrappuccinoVenti560Cal$5.95
Caramel Ribbon Crunch Crème FrappuccinoTall300Cal$4.95
Caramel Ribbon Crunch Crème FrappuccinoGrande420Cal$5.45
Caramel Ribbon Crunch Crème FrappuccinoVenti510Cal$5.95
Strawberry Crème FrappuccinoTall250Cal$4.45
Strawberry Crème FrappuccinoGrande370Cal$4.95
Strawberry Crème FrappuccinoVenti460Cal$5.45
Chai Crème FrappuccinoTall230Cal$4.45
Chai Crème FrappuccinoGrande340Cal$4.95
Chai Crème FrappuccinoVenti420Cal$5.45
Double Chocolaty Chip Crème FrappuccinoTall290Cal$4.45
Double Chocolaty Chip Crème FrappuccinoGrande410Cal$4.95
Double Chocolaty Chip Crème FrappuccinoVenti510Cal$5.45
Matcha Crème FrappuccinoTall300Cal$4.45
Matcha Crème FrappuccinoGrande410Cal$4.95
Matcha Crème FrappuccinoVenti520Cal$5.45
Vanilla Bean Crème FrappuccinoTall260Cal$4.25
Vanilla Bean Crème FrappuccinoGrande380Cal$4.75
Vanilla Bean Crème FrappuccinoVenti470Cal$5.25
White Chocolate Crème FrappuccinoTall250Cal$4.45
White Chocolate Crème FrappuccinoGrande380Cal$4.95
White Chocolate Crème FrappuccinoVenti450Cal$5.45
Strawberry Funnel Cake Crème FrappuccinoTall270Cal$4.95
Strawberry Funnel Cake Crème FrappuccinoGrande380Cal$5.45
Strawberry Funnel Cake Crème FrappuccinoVenti450Cal$5.95
Pumpkin Spice Crème FrappuccinoTall250Cal$4.95
Pumpkin Spice Crème FrappuccinoGrande360Cal$5.45
Pumpkin Spice Crème FrappuccinoVenti450Cal$5.95
Apple Crisp Crème FrappuccinoTall280Cal$4.95
Apple Crisp Crème FrappuccinoGrande400Cal$5.45
Apple Crisp Crème FrappuccinoVenti470Cal$5.95


Iced Coffees

Iced CoffeeTall60Cal$2.95
Iced CoffeeGrande80Cal$3.25
Iced CoffeeVenti120Cal$3.75
Iced CoffeeTrenta160Cal$3.95
Iced Coffee With MilkTall80Cal$2.95
Iced Coffee With MilkGrande110Cal$3.25
Iced Coffee With MilkVenti170Cal$3.75
Iced Coffee With MilkTrenta230Cal$3.95
Iced EspressoSolo5Cal$2.45
Iced EspressoDoppio10Cal$2.65
Iced EspressoTriple15Cal$2.95
Iced EspressoQuad25Cal$3.25
Iced Shaken EspressoTall80Cal$3.45
Iced Shaken EspressoGrande100Cal$3.95
Iced Shaken EspressoVenti160Cal$4.45
Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken EspressoTall80Cal$4.95
Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken EspressoGrande110Cal$5.45
Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken EspressoVenti150Cal$5.95
Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken EspressoTall90Cal$4.95
Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken EspressoGrande120Cal$5.45
Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken EspressoVenti170Cal$5.95
Iced Flat WhiteTall110Cal$4.25
Iced Flat WhiteGrande150Cal$4.75
Iced Flat WhiteVenti220Cal$5.45
Iced Honey Almondmilk Flat WhiteTall100Cal$4.95
Iced Honey Almondmilk Flat WhiteGrande140Cal$5.45
Iced Honey Almondmilk Flat WhiteVenti200Cal$5.95
Iced Caffè LatteTall100Cal$3.45
Iced Caffè LatteGrande130Cal$4.25
Iced Caffè LatteVenti180Cal$4.95
Iced Starbucks® Blonde Vanilla LatteTall140Cal$3.95
Iced Starbucks® Blonde Vanilla LatteGrande190Cal$4.75
Iced Starbucks® Blonde Vanilla LatteVenti270Cal$5.45
Iced Honey Oatmilk LatteTall160Cal$4.95
Iced Honey Oatmilk LatteGrande210Cal$5.45
Iced Honey Oatmilk LatteVenti300Cal$5.95
Iced Caramel MacchiatoTall180Cal$4.45
Iced Caramel MacchiatoGrande250Cal$4.95
Iced Caramel MacchiatoVenti350Cal$5.45
Iced Caffè MochaTall260Cal$4.15
Iced Caffè MochaGrande350Cal$4.65
Iced Caffè MochaVenti450Cal$5.25
Iced White Chocolate MochaTall310Cal$4.65
Iced White Chocolate MochaGrande420Cal$4.95
Iced White Chocolate MochaVenti560Cal$5.65
Iced Pumpkin Spice LatteTall270Cal$4.85
Iced Pumpkin Spice LatteGrande370Cal$5.45
Iced Pumpkin Spice LatteVenti480Cal$5.95
Iced Apple Crisp MacchiatoTall210Cal$4.85
Iced Apple Crisp MacchiatoGrande280Cal$5.45
Iced Apple Crisp MacchiatoVenti380Cal$5.95

Cold Brews

Starbucks Cold Brew CoffeeTall5Cal$3.45
Starbucks Cold Brew CoffeeGrande5Cal$3.95
Starbucks Cold Brew CoffeeVenti5Cal$4.25
Starbucks Cold Brew CoffeeTrenta5Cal$4.45
Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee With MilkTall25Cal$3.45
Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee With MilkGrande35Cal$3.95
Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee With MilkVenti60Cal$4.25
Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee With MilkTrenta70Cal$4.45
Salted Caramel Cream Cold BrewTall160Cal$4.25
Salted Caramel Cream Cold BrewGrande220Cal$4.75
Salted Caramel Cream Cold BrewVenti270Cal$4.95
Salted Caramel Cream Cold BrewTrenta310Cal$5.25
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewTall90Cal$3.75
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewGrande110Cal$4.25
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewVenti200Cal$4.45
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewTrenta210Cal$4.75
Honey Almondmilk Cold BrewTall30Cal$3.75
Honey Almondmilk Cold BrewGrande50Cal$4.25
Honey Almondmilk Cold BrewVenti80Cal$4.45
Honey Almondmilk Cold BrewTrenta100Cal$4.75
Pumpkin Cream Cold BrewTall140Cal$4.25
Pumpkin Cream Cold BrewGrande250Cal$4.75
Pumpkin Cream Cold BrewVenti310Cal$4.95
Pumpkin Cream Cold BrewTrenta360Cal$5.25

Nitro Cold Brews

Nitro Cold BrewTall5Cal$4.45
Nitro Cold BrewGrande5Cal$4.95
Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold BrewTall70Cal$4.75
Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold BrewGrande70Cal$5.25
Honey Almondmilk Nitro Cold BrewTall30Cal$4.75
Honey Almondmilk Nitro Cold BrewGrande50Cal$5.25


Iced Black Teas

Iced Black TeaTall0Cal$2.45
Iced Black TeaGrande0Cal$2.95
Iced Black TeaVenti0Cal$3.25
Iced Black TeaTrenta0Cal$3.65
Iced Black Tea LemonadeTall35Cal$2.95
Iced Black Tea LemonadeGrande50Cal$3.45
Iced Black Tea LemonadeVenti70Cal$3.95
Iced Black Tea LemonadeTrenta90Cal$4.45
Iced Royal English Breakfast Tea LatteTall100Cal$4.25
Iced Royal English Breakfast Tea LatteGrande140Cal$4.75
Iced Royal English Breakfast Tea LatteVenti210Cal$4.95
Iced London Tea LatteTall100Cal$4.25
Iced London Tea LatteGrande140Cal$4.75
Iced London Tea LatteVenti210Cal$4.95

Iced Chai Teas

Iced Chai Tea LatteTall180Cal$4.25
Iced Chai Tea LatteGrande240Cal$4.75
Iced Chai Tea LatteVenti350Cal$4.95

Iced Green Teas

Iced Green TeaTall0Cal$2.45
Iced Green TeaGrande0Cal$2.95
Iced Green TeaVenti0Cal$3.25
Iced Green TeaTrenta0Cal$3.65
Iced Green Tea LemonadeTall35Cal$2.95
Iced Green Tea LemonadeGrande50Cal$3.45
Iced Green Tea LemonadeVenti70Cal$3.95
Iced Green Tea LemonadeTrenta90Cal$4.45
Iced Matcha Tea LatteTall150Cal$4.25
Iced Matcha Tea LatteGrande150Cal$4.75
Iced Matcha Tea LatteVenti150Cal$4.95
Iced Matcha LemonadeTall90Cal$2.95
Iced Matcha LemonadeGrande120Cal$3.45
Iced Matcha LemonadeVenti170Cal$3.95
Iced Matcha LemonadeTrenta190Cal$4.45
Iced Peach Green TeaTall180Cal$4.25
Iced Peach Green TeaGrande240Cal$4.75
Iced Peach Green TeaVenti350Cal$4.95
Iced Peach Green Tea LemonadeTall60Cal$4.25
Iced Peach Green Tea LemonadeGrande80Cal$4.75
Iced Peach Green Tea LemonadeVenti130Cal$4.95

Iced Herbal Teas

Iced Passion Tango™ TeaTall0Cal$2.45
Iced Passion Tango™ TeaGrande0Cal$2.95
Iced Passion Tango™ TeaVenti0Cal$3.25
Iced Passion Tango™ TeaTrenta0Cal$3.65
Iced Passion Tango™ Tea LemonadeTall35Cal$2.95
Iced Passion Tango™ Tea LemonadeGrande50Cal$3.45
Iced Passion Tango™ Tea LemonadeVenti70Cal$3.95
Iced Passion Tango™ Tea LemonadeTrenta90Cal$4.45


Starbucks Refreshers™

Star DrinkTall100Cal$4.15
Star DrinkGrande130Cal$4.45
Star DrinkVenti190Cal$5.05
Star DrinkTrenta260Cal$4.45
Kiwi Starfruit Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTall70Cal$3.45
Kiwi Starfruit Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageGrande90Cal$3.95
Kiwi Starfruit Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageVenti130Cal$4.45
Kiwi Starfruit Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTrenta180Cal$4.95
Kiwi Starfruit Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTall110Cal$3.95
Kiwi Starfruit Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageGrande140Cal$4.45
Kiwi Starfruit Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageVenti200Cal$4.95
Kiwi Starfruit Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTrenta270Cal$5.25
Dragon DrinkTall100Cal$4.15
Dragon DrinkGrande130Cal$4.45
Dragon DrinkVenti190Cal$5.05
Dragon DrinkTrenta270Cal$5.45
Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTall70Cal$3.45
Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageGrande90Cal$3.95
Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageVenti130Cal$4.45
Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTrenta180Cal$4.95
Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTall110Cal$3.95
Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageGrande140Cal$4.45
Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageVenti200Cal$4.95
Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTrenta280Cal$5.25
Pink DrinkTall110Cal$4.15
Pink DrinkGrande140Cal$4.45
Pink DrinkVenti200Cal$5.05
Pink DrinkTrenta270Cal$5.45
Strawberry Açaí Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTall80Cal$3.45
Strawberry Açaí Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageGrande90Cal$3.95
Strawberry Açaí Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageVenti130Cal$4.45
Strawberry Açaí Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTrenta190Cal$4.95
Strawberry Açaí Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTall110Cal$4.15
Strawberry Açaí Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageGrande140Cal$4.45
Strawberry Açaí Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageVenti200Cal$5.05
Strawberry Açaí Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTrenta280Cal$5.45
Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTall50Cal$3.95
Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageGrande70Cal$4.45
Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageVenti90Cal$4.95
Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTrenta130Cal$5.25
Very Berry Hibiscus Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTall90Cal$3.95
Very Berry Hibiscus Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageGrande120Cal$4.45
Very Berry Hibiscus Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageVenti170Cal$4.95
Very Berry Hibiscus Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® BeverageTrenta240Cal$5.25
Violet DrinkTall90Cal$3.95
Violet DrinkGrande110Cal$4.45
Violet DrinkVenti160Cal$4.95
Violet DrinkTrenta230Cal$5.25


Blended Strawberry LemonadeTall130Cal$3.45
Blended Strawberry LemonadeGrande190Cal$3.95
Blended Strawberry LemonadeVenti260Cal$4.45
Evolution Fresh® Organic Vital Berry11 oz140Cal$4.95
Evolution Fresh® Organic Defence Up®11 oz170Cal$4.95
Evolution Fresh® Orange11 oz170Cal$3.95
Evolution Fresh® Organic Super Fruit Greens11 oz180Cal$4.95
Evolution Fresh® Watermelon11 oz130Cal$4.95
Tree Top Apple Juice Box8oz120Cal$1.95


Breakfast Sandwiches & Wraps

Impossible™ Breakfast Sandwich420Cal$5.25
Bacon, Gouda & Egg Sandwich360Cal$4.25
Double-Smoked Bacon, Chedder & Egg Sandwich500Cal$5.25
Turkey Bacon, Chedder & Egg White Sandwich230Cal$4.15
Sausage, Chedder & Egg Sandwich480Cal$4.35
Roasted Ham, Swiss & Egg Sandwich450Cal$4.35
Spinach, Feta & Egg White Wrap290Cal$4.68
Avocado Spread90Cal$1.25

Egg Bites

Kale & Portabella Mushroom Sous Vide Egg Bites230Cal$4.65
Bacon & Gruyère Sous Vide Egg Bites300Cal$4.65
Egg Whites & Roasted RedPepper Sous Vide Egg Bites170Cal$4.65


Warm Sandwiches

Crispy Grilled Cheese Sandwich520Cal$5.95
Ham & Swiss Panini480Cal$6.75
Turkey & Pesto Panini550Cal$6.45
Chicken Caprese Panini540Cal$6.75
Chicken & Bacon Panini600Cal$7.43
Tomato & Mozzarella Panini370Cal$5.95
Avocado Spread90Cal$1.25

Protein Boxes

Chickpea Bites & Avocado Protein Box560Cal$6.45
Grilled Chicken and Hummus Protein Box300Cal$6.45
Eggs & Cheddar Protein Box470Cal$6.55
PB&J Protein Box520Cal$6.22
Cheese & Fruit Protein Box470Cal$5.95
Chicken & Quinoa Protein Bowl with Black Beans and Greens420Cal$8.45



Plain Bagel280Cal$1.95
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel270Cal$1.95
Everything Bagel290Cal$1.95
Sprouted Grain Bagel330Cal$1.95
Cheese, Onion & Garlic Bagel300Cal$1.95
Avocado Spread90Cal$1.25

Cake Pops

Birthday Cake Pop170Cal$2.25
Chocolate Cake Pop160Cal$2.25
Unicorn Cake Pop150Cal$2.25
Fox Cake Pop140Cal$2.25

Cookies, Brownies & Bars

Double Chocolate Brownie480Cal$2.95
Chocolate Chip Cookie360Cal$2.45
Marshmallow Dream Bar230Cal$2.50


Almond Croissant420Cal$3.25
Butter Croissant260Cal$2.75
Chocolate Croissant340Cal$2.95
Ham & Swiss Croissant320Cal$3.95

Loaves & Cakes

Cinnamon Coffee Cake330Cal$2.95
Iced Lemon Loaf470Cal$3.25
Pumpkin Loaf410Cal$3.25
Banana Nut Loaf420Cal$3.25

Danishes & Doughnuts

Cheese Danish290Cal$2.95
Glazed Doughnut480Cal$2.25

Muffins & Scones

Blueberry Scone380Cal$2.75
Petite Vanilla Bean Scone120Cal$1.25
Blueberry Muffin320Cal$2.65
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin350Cal$3.25
Pumpkin Scone500Cal$3.25


Dipped Madeleines280Cal$2.75
Vanilla Biscotti with Almonds200Cal$1.75
Dark Chocolate Grahams (2-Pack)140Cal$1.95
Rip van Wafels – Honey & Oats130Cal$1.95
Salted Almond Chocolate Bites300Cal$2.75
Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans260Cal$2.75
Squirrel Brand® Fruit & Nut200Cal$2.25
Squirrel Brand® Classic Almonds260Cal$1.95
Peter Rabbit™ Organics Apple & Grape100Cal$2.25
Peter Rabbit™ Organics Strawberry Banana80Cal$2.25
Peppermint Gum5Cal$2.25
Starbucks® BBQ Potato Chips270Cal$1.75
Butter Gourmet Popcorn140Cal$1.50
Hippeas® – White Cheddar100Cal$1.95
Kettle Corn130Cal$1.75
Salt & Vinegar Kettle Potato Chips270Cal$1.75
Simply Salted Kettle Potato Chips280Cal$1.75
Sweet Potato Kettle Potato Chips300Cal$1.75
Creminelli Snack Tray – Sopressata Salami & Monterey Jack220Cal$6.45
String Cheese80Cal$1.25
Perfect Bar® – Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter320Cal$3.45
Perfect Bar® Peanut Butter330Cal$3.45
KIND - Almond Coconut Cashew Chai200Cal$2.25
KIND® Blueberry Vanilla & Cashew Bar180Cal$2.25
KIND® Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Bar200Cal$2.25
KIND® Salted Caramel & Dark Chocolate Nut Bar200Cal$2.25
That's It® – Apple + Blueberry Bar100Cal$1.95
This Bar Saves Lives™ – Wild Blueberry Pistachio Bar160Cal$2.50
This Bar Saves Lives™ – Dark Chocolate Peanutbutter & Sea Salt Bar190Cal$2.50
This Bar Saves Lives™ – Madagascar & Honey Bar180Cal$2.50


Classic Oatmeal160Cal$3.45
Berry Trio Parfait240Cal$3.75
Strawberry Overnight Grains300Cal$3.75
Siggi's® Yogurt Cup 0% Vanilla110Cal$2.45


Whole Bean Coffee1lbVaries$12.95
Organic Blend1lbVaries$13.95


Pumpkin Spice & Apple Crisp

Available For A Limited Time Only

Pumpkin Spice LatteShort210Cal$4.75
Pumpkin Spice LatteTall310Cal$4.85
Pumpkin Spice LatteGrande390Cal$5.45
Pumpkin Spice LatteVenti470Cal$5.75
Pumpkin Cream Cold BrewTall140Cal$4.25
Pumpkin Cream Cold BrewGrande250Cal$4.75
Pumpkin Cream Cold BrewVenti310Cal$4.95
Pumpkin Cream Cold BrewTrenta360Cal$5.25
Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino®Venti510Cal$5.95
Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino®Tall290Cal$4.95
Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino®Grande420Cal$5.45
Apple Crisp MacchiatoShort140Cal$4.75
Apple Crisp MacchiatoTall220Cal$4.85
Apple Crisp MacchiatoGrande300Cal$5.45
Apple Crisp MacchiatoVenti370Cal$5.75
Iced Apple Crisp MacchiatoTall210Cal$4.85
Iced Apple Crisp MacchiatoGrande280Cal$5.45
Iced Apple Crisp MacchiatoVenti380Cal$5.95
Apple Crisp Frappuccino®Tall320Cal$4.95
Apple Crisp Frappuccino®Grande460Cal$5.45
Apple Crisp Frappuccino®Venti550Cal$5.95
Pumpkin Scone500Cal$3.25
Fox Cake Pop140Cal$2.25


For a limited period each year, Starbucks offer their famous Pumpkin Spice Latte along with Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino, Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin Scone and other Pumpkin Spice products. This year they have also introduced Apple Crisp Macchiato as their featured fall menu item along with Pumpkin Spice Latte.

The following Starbucks drinks have the most caffeine content:
Venti Blonde Roast (475mg caffeine), Venti Dark Roast Coffee (470mg caffeine), Venti Medium Roast Coffee (445mg caffeine), Venti Cold Brew with Cold Foam (310mg caffeine), Venti Caffe Americano (300mg caffeine), Grande Nitro Cold Brew (280mg caffeine).

Try the Low-Carb Mocha. Simply order a sugar-free Mocha sauce, half heavy whipping cream and half water Mocha. You can also go for the Low-Carb Iced Caramel Macchiato with just a little touch of caramel drizzle.

Your best options are Egg & Cheese Protein Box, Chicken & Quinoa Protein Bowl, or the Spinach, Feta & Egg White Breakfast Wrap.

Café Americano, Espresso, Iced Passion Tango Tea, or Iced Black Tea, just to name a few.

Go for Mint Majesty Herbal Tea, Earl Grey Brewed Tea, Emperor’s Cloud & Mist Green Tea, and Iced Black Tea. Request either of these drinks without sweeteners.

Starbucks Prices

“To Inspire and Nurture the Human Spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time”

Known For?

Mainly known for their varities of caffeine drinks including their Coffee blends and Espresso drinks. In addition to their caffeine containing beverages they’re recent additions include Frappucino, Teavana Handcrafted Tea, Smoothies, Starbucks Refreshers, Bakery Items and Alcoholic Beverages.


24,000+ Stores


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    I never tried an artichoke sandwich and have had 2 at 2 different Starbucks but now I can’t find any. Are you ever going to get them again? I thought they were delicious. If so can you let me know. I live near Norwich Ct

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    • Mary S. 3 years ago

      Green tea has been shown to have anticancer properties both internally and applied topically on skin cancer. Some green tea is very special, such as matcha, which itself has many grades used for different purposes including ceremonial. It not only has caffeine (usually a smaller dose than coffee, and you can find the caffeine and nutritional values online), but tea also contains theanine, so it leaves you alert AND calm, relaxed, clearheaded, supports the liver, helps digestion … whereas coffee just stimulates. Tea leaves have vitamins and minerals. Coffee plantations are in trouble due to global warming and zonal creep… it can’t grow as well where it used to grow, getting too hot, so some farmers are quitting, and some are changing to a different crop, while others are slashing and burning (destroying) virgin forest at higher, cooler mountain altitudes in S. America, to keep growing coffee. And only one plant is real tea, no matter how it’s grown, plucked and processed… Camelia sinensis alone is the source of real tea, whether green, white or black. Anything else, such as herbs, spices, or fruit or flowers, is a tissane, not tea… including Teavana. It’s just a commercial brand Starbucks carries. I’ve never yet met a restaurant or other facility that heats purified water to the correct temperature to steep different teas, I doubt Starbucks does, either. You should go to Starbucks for their expertise with coffee. If you’re really curious, there are lots of books to educate yourself, and you can find a few websites that are useful. Also… the caffeine in coffee is physiologically addictive to the brain. It takes about two weeks to withdraw from dependence with symptoms of irritability, headache, memory issues, etc. Green tea doesn’t do that. Black tea is green tea that has been treated by heat or fermenting. It’s still beneficial. I buy my white and green teas from Upton Tea Company, if you’re curious to learn more. That’s a good place to educate yourself, and you can call them with questions. Their online catalog explains all the terminology and abbreviations. Hope this helps you. I’m a tea-type person and have never bought coffee from a Starbucks. Can’t afford them, and I wouldn’t know what to choose, anyway. Even looking at the list now online was too much. Trader Joes coffee is good enough for me. For me, it’s just a legal stimulant I occasionally use in the morning. But I did buy a gift card for my veterinarian at the Starbucks driveup a few months ago: after snooping around, her vet techs told me she loves Starbucks coffee. I also bake sweet baked goods for the entire clinic. 🙂

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    The prices in Florida are much more expensive. For example, a Tall Trevana Shaken Ice Tea is not 1.95 but 2.65. Tha’s about 34 percent higher in price. These prices were at a company owned stand-alone store. Not in a grocery store or theme park which are even higher.

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    • Mary S. 3 years ago

      Why didn’t you just phone that Starbucks, and ask them. Doh.

  33. Aeri 4 years ago

    How much is a Venti Iced Decaf Americano?? It seems I get charged different prices at different locations.

  34. Allen Stendahl 4 years ago

    Bring back the skinny mocha syrup so that we diabetics have both a hot drink and cold drink (frappacinno) option, PLEASE!!

  35. D 4 years ago

    I am very disappointed that you discontinued the sugar-free mocha!!! You are NOT supporting anyone who is trying to be sugar free & a little healthier!!! There are now only 2 sugar-free flavors & customers are VERY LIMITED in choices. I do hope you will RECONSIDER!!! Thank you.

  36. Dorothy 4 years ago

    I wish you did not discontinue the Lite Java Chip Frappuccino. Any possibility you will bring it back? Dorothy

  37. Sheri Lynn Dubin-Albala 4 years ago

    Very sad that they have discontinued the Skinny Mocha. It’s the only lower sugar option hot drink that I love and have purchase one nearly everyday or the past 8-10 years. Now they only have sugar free vanilla syrup which I do not care for. I will miss my baristas. Need to make coffee at home again even if I do not like it as much as my skinny mocha.

  38. Ed Brinkman 4 years ago

    what is on an everything bagel?

    • Support 4 years ago

      Hi Ed,
      Everything Bagel simply means it is a bagel topped with tiny pieces of onion, garlic, salt, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Also has a little Asiago cheese.
      Ask your barista to warm it up before you try it, really brings out the different flavors.

  39. ghdjs 4 years ago

    you can just go to the starbucks and ask that

  40. Jodie Ramsey 4 years ago

    What drinks are included in happy hour? I was told it was happy hour (2 for 1) but when I ordered a cappuccino she only have me one.

  41. Darlene M Mallett 4 years ago

    What is the nutrition label for a hazelnut skim latte vente? Need to check the WW points.

  42. Peggy Kincaid 5 years ago

    Well it us obvious they raised prices but won’t admit it. A week ago I paid $7.40 for a chai latte and 3 Vanilla scones petit. Today I paid $7.95. All they say is that can change in certain areas.

  43. Victoria 5 years ago

    Not all Starbucks’ locations are the same

  44. Bette 5 years ago

    Hi all – anyone know the calories in a Venti Strawberry Acai Lemonade?

    • Support 5 years ago

      Hi Bette, a Venti Strawberry Acai Lemonade currently has 200 Calories.
      They are in the Starbucks Refreshers section above. Enjoy!

  45. Lauren Donaldson 5 years ago

    I really wanted to know the price of the peppermint mints, I don’t know if it was just me or what but if anyone knows the price please let me know

    • Support 5 years ago

      Hi Lauren, the price of Peppermint Mints are $2.50. Enjoy!

  46. B D P 5 years ago

    The prices in Cali are much more expensive. The motzerella sandwich is $7.45! I can go to Medicino Farms for a sandwich much better and comparable in price for what you get at Starbucks.

  47. Christy 5 years ago

    Is this a every Starbucks? Menu looks great!

    • Bob 4 years ago

      Obviously not, all the Starbucks in my area don’t serve alcohol.

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