Chipotle $4 Booritos

Chipotle Returns With $4 Booritos

Chipotle Menu Prices

Every year chipotle offers a discount for Halloween goers who show up in costume to order their favorite chipotle menu item. Well this year, Chipotle is offering a $4 ‘Boorito’ deal, with the same rule of showing up in your Halloween costume.

Now, most of you may be wondering what constitutes a ‘Halloween costume’ and don’t worry, most chipotle employees don’t care much about your costume as long as you are a little creative and mention what you’re dressed up as. Just make sure you visit between 3 pm to close.

The $4 ‘Boorito’ deal will help you get any burrito, burrito bowl, tacos, and salad for $4 + Tax, and we figured out a way to sweeten the deal further.

This year, you can add a side of guacamole on your desired burrito, and while normally that may cost you an additional $2.15, the premium topping should cost you nothing extra with the $4 Boorito.

What’s better than free guacamole? Free guacamole and queso!
You can also add a side of queso (which would typically cost you an additional $1.30), and that would be part of this deal.

Since we at FastFood Price like our readers to get the most bang for their buck, we thought to share our guide for getting the most out of your Chipotle order (based on multiple trials and error on our part, we finally figured out the best way).



Here’s how to get the most out of your Chipotle Order:


Chipotle Burrito

1) Get a Burrito bowl, can add more content than a burrito or tacos.
2) Pick multiple entries of rice, beans, fajitas, corn, sauces, cheese, lettuce
3) Ask for half portions of two different types of meat. This will lead to more meat per serving than just getting 1 portion of a single kind of meat.
Example: “I’d like half steak and half barbacoa, please.”
The cashier will only charge you for one portion of a serving, whichever costs more. In this case, steak and barbacoa cost the same, so its best value.
Note: Try to go for meat kinds that cost the same, because they will charge for whichever meat costs more.
4) Ask for a tortilla on the side

We’ve noticed its always better to be polite when it comes to requesting the toppings in your burrito bowl. Sometimes the server will instinctively give an additional amount if you are courteous (though that’s not the only reason you should be nice).

You can also take a look at the rest of Chipotle’s menu.


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