Get Smashburger’s chicken sandwich for just $1

Smashburger’s Chicken Sandwich Deal

Smashburger Chicken Sandwich Deal

For a limited time only, Smashburger is offering their Classic Smash Chicken Burger for only $1 with the purchase of any Double Burger.

Based on our data an average Smashburger Double Burger costs between $7.39 – $8.39 while an average Smashburger Chicken sandwich costs between $6.39 – $7.39.

This deal will save you 40% if you were planning on visiting Smashburger. For a comprehensive menu, you can check out Smashburger’s full menu with prices and calories.

While everyone has their preferences for their favorite chicken sandwich joint, we’ve personally tried Smashburger’s chicken sandwich and consider it on par with other franchise restaurant options out there.

It may not be similar to Chick fil A’s chicken sandwich or even KFC’s chicken sandwich, but for only a dollar, it’s worth trying out.

This deal is only valid between 9/27/2019 and 9/30/2019.


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