The McRib is back in 2021, here’s how much it costs

The McRib is back in 2021, here’s how much it costs

Mcdonalds Menu PricesMcdonald’s just announced the return of their infamous McRib earlier, and it is available now in limited locations across the United States.

Some of our readers have found it challenging to get the McRib in stores in New York and Connecticut. It’s best to call before heading to the store.

The new price will be $4.29, according to Mcdonalds’s entire menu. Upgrading to a meal combo will just cost $7.79.

According to Mcdonalds’s calories menu, the McRib contains only 520 calories with approximately 24 grams of protein, 46 grams of carbs and 28 grams of fat, making it a suitable contender.

Upgrading to a meal combo will change the number of calories between 800-1010 Calories depending on the side and drink you choose.

If you’re a big fan of ribs, we also suggest you try Boston Market’s baby back ribs and let us know which is your favorite.

Since the introduction of McRibs in 1981, Mcdonald’s has a habit of keeping it on the menu for a short period, so get yours quickly before this seasonal item disappears again.


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